Gretna Farmers Market Monthly Newsletter
September 2010 Issue

If your business wants to become a supporter of the Gretna Farmers Market Monthly Newsletter please contact xxxx 504-999-9999. Your advertisement will be placed in the middle or at the bottom of this newsletter.  Your ads will also appear on the Farmers Market webpage. Donations range from $25 to $50 a month with a 4 month minimum. A 20% discount for yearly ad placements. A maximum of 4 ads will be accepted and on a 1st come basis. Check with your CPA or Tax Advisor as to wither you can deduct for these ads. We are a non-profit organization. We can also use your logo for the ad. You can supply the ad or we can use or take a picture of your business and place your name and phone number under the picture.




















Westbank Louisiana, La